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Simply awesome times!

Hey everyone,

Long time no chat from the Juniper crew! Super, super busy with all kinds of good things taking place!

We're really excited that summer is upon us and we've been happy to get out exploring, hiking, biking, running, and just soaking it all up!!

We've had such a great response to our products from everyone. Huge shout out to everyone out west who have been repping our Spoken Word collection so well. We have new stock arriving soon, as well as a new addition to the Spoken Word line.

Our Landscape collection has been a fave amongst those who love the outdoor life and the success has meant we've been able to support awesome tree plants / forest conservation work with Forest Without Borders!

We're also very happy to announce Juniper is now carried at Arthur James Clothing stores on the east and west coasts of NL! Couldn't be happier to be working with another great local company. We also just re-stocked the Outfitters in downtown St. John's, so make sure you get out and support us and these great local companies that help us all enjoy the great outdoors!

We have to give a huge shout out to Gerard Gale on the west coast for being part of our team. Gerard has been killing it on the photography work for us and we're super stoked to have someone on the west coast working it! Check Gerard out on Instagram @explorenewfoundland or on Facebook at GG Photography.

Finally, we just picked up Justin Stacey as a brand ambassador. Justin will be representing the Juniper brand this summer while he explores and photographs his adventures. Check him out on Instagram @Jstacey1990.

That's about all for now guys and girls. Stay tuned for the new stock and new designs in the coming months and for godsakes get out and enjoy the summer and all the adventures and festivals - can it get any better!?

All the best,

Jason at Juniper 

Simply put together.