End of summer :( Start of fall :) New releases ?!

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hey everyone, 

It's been a while since we took the time to update everyone on the goings on at Juniper.

We've been really busy behind the scenes working hard to make Juniper a little success tucked away in little old st. john's!! 

We've been lucky to have all the support of those who have become fans of Juniper. We've also had success with a great local shop at The Outfitters and we recently managed to get some of our shirts over to the west coast of the island with the great people at Coast Clothing in beautiful Stephenville! 

We hope everyone has been having a great summer. Certainly seems like time and weather is winding down... but heads up because the fall is a fab time of year for cool air, layers, fall colors and hey ...why not fall collections.


sneak peek ;)


Thats right! Even though we've been busy soaking up on the festivals, cycling, hiking, and travel of the summer, we have been working hard to bring you new releases just in time for fall and winter!! 

We have some great new additions coming to the spoken word collection, a new shirt to add to the landscape collection, and because its getting cooler and we know everyone loves a good hoodie we decided to throw a few hoodies in the mix as well!

Oh and some of you...you know who you are.. will realize we listen to our customers and we thank them for their great ideas.

So stay tuned - spread the word -and thanks everyone!

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