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And......were off!!!!

hey hey everybody!!!


So excited to write this post this morning...its friday and its an even bigger friday because were off!!!


Off where you might be asking?? Today its packing up the motorbike and heading out on an adventure around Newfoundland!! Terra Nova - Bonavista - Lewisporte - Fogo!!!! - Port Anson - Salmon Fishing the Humber River and where ever else we end up!!!


So be expecting to see some cool pics over the next couple weeks and most of those sporting junipers collection of cool tees of course.


Thanks to everyone supporting us so far and we would appreciate if everyone could help spread the word...and don't worry just because were on a little trip things don't stop at Juniper...your orders will still be filled promptly so get yourself a new and unique tee to hit up the upcoming festivals.


All the best


Simply put together